EIR Program

The TerraNova team offers a wide range of financial and operational expertise that can immediately complement a company’s resources to help it
achieve the next level of success.


Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (“EIR”) Program

Since its founding, TerraNova Partners has successfully fostered an Entrepreneur-in-Residence program, partnering with individuals who have been successful operators and investors to look at new investment opportunities for TerraNova and help the EIRs (operationally and financially) launch and grow businesses and raise capital.

A number of successful companies were started in TerraNova’s offices, with the operational, advisory and financial backing of TerraNova and its principals (including Western Goldfields Inc. (now New Gold Inc.) and Chieftain Metals Corp.). Additionally, TerraNova’s EIRs have successfully joined the senior management teams of TerraNova’s portfolio companies to help execute on ambitious business plans (most recently Richard Porter joined Compact Power as COO).

TerraNova currently has three Entrepreneurs-in-Residence: Keith Harradence, Dundee Staunton and Garth Wheldon.